Datum:: 24. Februar 2017 19:00
Ort:: Exil, Zürich
Kategorie:: Aufführung

Jakob Ogawa

Foto: Jakob Ogawa.Foto: Jakob Ogawa

The 19 years old up-and-coming artist Jakob Ogawa is supporting the band LANY on their Europe tour. They are visiting Zürich on 24 March.

"From the first off-kilter strum, Jakob Ogawa‘s ‘You’ll Be On My Mind’ feels like it’s gently tugging you towards a Hawaiian beach. The song has a lulling rhythm, and a pace so relaxed you can feel any knots of tension you might have in your back slowly start to unravel. Though it sounds like it might have been made on a beach-side, with ice clinking in a cocktail glass sampled and used for atmosphere, its origins couldn’t be further from it – Ogawa’s method is purely DIY, with every element recorded and blended in his Oslo bedroom." (Jajajamusic.com)

More info: https://www.starticket.ch/de/tickets/lany-20170324-2000-exil-zurich


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